Not Only Durable, 5 Reasons You Must Buy an 8-Core Processor for PC Gaming!

One of the processor specifications for good gamer PC that you must pay attention to, namely the number of cores. If you don’t have enough cores, then the game you are playing might break even if you have sufficient multi-cores.

If now you want to buy cheaper gaming PC or mix PC gaming, we recommend making sure to use an 8-core processor. Curious for the reason? Let’s look as follows.

1. Optimal DirectX 12 API with 8 Cores

The current game API standard is slowly starting to use DirectX 12. Where in the past was DirectX 11 optimal only with 4 cores, now DirectX 12 is optimally working with 8 cores.

2. 8 Core Processor Prices Are Affordable

Along with the development of technology, the current 8-core processor prices are increasingly affordable. If a processor with 8 cores is still too expensive for you, you can also buy a 4-core processor with hyperthreading technology.

3. Suitable for Game Recording or Live Streaming

Currently popular is the name of live streaming playing games, whether it’s via YouTube or Facebook or Twitch. If you want to follow this trend, the 8-core processor is the right choice, the reason is that it won’t interfere with performance when playing games.

4. Speed ​​up the Game Installation Process

The size of PC games at this time, really big. Some even reach more than 100GB for a game. So lazy of course if you have to wait long, is that right? So that the installation process … Read More

Komunikasi Lancar Bebas Hambatan hanya dengan Modem Smartfren

Modem Smartfren merupakan salah satu produk yang dikeluarkan oleh operator ini untuk menunjang komunikasi Anda. Modem ini didesain khusus bagi Anda yang selalu mobile atau berpindah-pindah tempat dan jarang untuk menetap.

Kemudian pekerjaan Anda menuntut untuk selalu mengakses internet dan ditambah lagi harus menggunakan laptop. Dengan begitu Anda membutuhkan modem untuk mengirimkan sinyal yang akan Anda gunakan untuk menyelesaikan pekerjaan Anda.

Jika hanya mengandalkan tattering melalui handphone Anda pasti akan sangat lama dan akibatnya jaringan error yang malah akan memperlambat selesainya pekerjaan Anda. Maka dari itu Smartfren di sini hadir untuk memberikan penawaran modem yang cocok untuk Anda. Ingin tahu lebih lengkap mengenai modem ini? Mari simak penjelasan berikut ini!

Modem Smartfren Pilihan Masa Kini untuk Kebutuhan Komunikasi Anda

Modem yang berasal dari singkatan modulator demodulator adalah alat yang digunakan untuk mendapatkan sinyal internet yang bisa dibawa kemana pun. Hal ini berbeda dengan Wi-Fi yang hanya ada pada satu tempat dengan jangkauan tertentu. Berkaitan dengan hal ini, sekarang sedang ada penawaran modem Smartfren yang memiliki kecepatan tanpa batas untuk kebutuhan komunikasi Anda.

Modem ini memiliki berbagai macam pilihan dengan harga yang sesuai dengan kantong Anda. Harga modem ini di banderol mulai dari tiga ratusan ribu sampai dengan satu juta rupiah bergantung pada spesifikasi yang ada. https://www.smartfren.com/

Namun, semua modem di sini memiliki fitur yang canggih dan pastinya akan memperlancar komunikasi dan pekerjaan Anda. Jenis sinyal yang diberikan oleh modem ini 4G sehingga tidak ada lagi kata loading karena jaringan yang tersendat atau terputus.

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Explore Your Options with Live-Streaming Apps

There is one large difference between the last few generations. It is the Internet and the entire information technology. People use them in every part of their lives without even realizing it. Both individual users and businesses enjoy a variety of applications suitable for every need.

Among the huge number of applications, there is one special kind that helps a user to transfer to a ‘different reality’. Live streaming apps are applications that broadcast videos in real-time mode. Stories on Instagram and Facebook or live streams of football games are great examples of this kind of applications.

Main features of such applications are:

  • Broadcasting abilities – film a video and share it with your audience by a few simple actions;
  • Chatting online – ask a question and get an immediate answer to it;
  • Getting creative – paint, apply stickers and write on your video as you film, etc.

Besides the entertaining function, your own live streaming app offers countless possibilities for doing business. You can both start a new business and develop an existing one using this kind of technology.

There are many ways to develop and improve business with streaming app:

  • Promote your brand in the fastest way;
  • Share important information with your audience in a split second;
  • Visualize your product so that the audience could get to know it better;
  • Interact with your customers using interviews and online-chatting;
  • Create ads that will reach a wider audience.

The only thing that can limit you in using live streaming … Read More