The Meaning of Pro in Games and the Difference with Newbie / Noob

The longer, gaming is increasingly in demand. Especially if you see the development of Mobile Games that are currently increasingly advanced, and e-sports are increasingly held.The type of game that is currently in demand to be played is online games. Maybe you have heard famous names before, such as Mobile Legends, PUBG Mobile, Apex Legend and others. Well, if you already have experience playing online games, or maybe have played a game that I call it, surely you’ve heard the term ‘Pro‘?. The term Pro has been around for a long time. But only popular in recent years Although including the general term, there are still many who do not know you know, understanding the word Pro.


The Meaning of Pro and Its Understanding (In-Game)

The term pro (in-game), is an abbreviation of professionals. This term refers to gamers (gamers) who are good at it, as well as gamers who are accustomed to taking part in tournaments (also called Professional Gamers / Pro Gamers). An easy example to illustrate these Pro people you can see in the Game ranking system. People who are ranked high there can be called Pro. As for Professional Gamers, you can try searching for famous names, such as Stewie2K, Skadoodle or others.


Characteristics of Pro People in the Game

Great Skill: His name is good, automatic skills are also great. Yes, Pro people do have skills far above average.

Have Good Adaptation Ability: It means being able to adapt to certain game updates, or maybe when playing from one game to another.

Easy to Adjust Situation: Gameplay can be run in an unexpected direction. But a Pro Player can always overcome this.

Understanding Games: Well, what I mean here is that the person understands what is in the game that he is playing. For example items or character status settings.

High Win Ratio: Because of their high skill, Pro Gamers often win in a Match. No wonder the high win ratio.


Difference Pro and Newbie

Pro and Newbie have meanings that are 180 degrees different. We can also conclude that the pros are people who already know a lot about games. Automatic play hours are also high. While Newbie is a person who does not understand about games. Playing hours are still very low. While Noob means more or fewer people who like to play games, but in negative terms. For example, looking for problems and the like.


How to become a pro gamer?

If you want to try being a Pro Gamer, of course, you can.

In his way, it must always practice. Yes, practice.

Most Pro Gamers every day always practice their skills. Not infrequently, they can spend up to more than 10 hours a day.

But first, you have to choose, what type of game do you want to play?

For examples like FPS or RTS. This is important, so you can focus on playing one genre, so you can more easily concentrate.

If you can find tips and tricks to play through gamers who have become pros. For example via Youtube or Gamer Websites.


The Advantages of Being a Pro Gamer

In contrast to the past, gamers are now arguably a profession that is already common.

But still not a few who think, about what the benefits of being a Professional Gamer?

Even though the answer is quite a lot. Among them, they can get income from the E-Sport that they won. They can get a lot of fans, can make Live Streaming. make a Youtube Channel and of course, get an income after joining an organization.

If you are curious, try Search on Google, Gamer named Michael Grzesiek. He is a former Professional Gamer who is currently a Live Streamer and YouTuber. The skill is amazing, you know.


What is E-Sport?

Previously I had mentioned the word E-Sport several times. What exactly is this E-Sport?

E-Sport is an abbreviation of Electronic Sport. E-Sport is the biggest Gamer Event that is usually held by companies from the Gaming industry.

E-Sport and Pro Gamers are two things that can not be separated, why? Because almost all E-Sport can only be followed by Gamers Pro.